Professional Chiropractic Care for Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Numbness, Tingling and more!

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Serving the Peterborough Area with Care and Compassion, We’re your ‘Go To Source’ for complete Chiropractic Treatment Services.

Led by Dr Doug Lukinuk ,DC, our team of holistic healthcare professionals take great pride in providing relief and comfort to patients, young and old.

PTBO Chiro combines the latest in Chiropractic Care with associated services including CBD Massage, Spa & Wellness Therapy and so much more!

Featuring the most Comprehensive Examination is the Peterborough region, Direct Billing for Insurance Claims and Same Day Exam and Treatment services, Book Your Appointment Today and experience true pain relief.

Peterborough's Chiropractor

Dr Doug Lukinuk, DC, has served the Peterborough community for over 18 years. He’s an advocate for healthy living and believes in a holistic approach to healthcare. As a former NCAA athlete, Dr Doug supports minor sports in Peterborough and works with patients, young and old in providing honest and compassionate Chiropractic Care. Searching for a ‘chiropractor near me’ in Peterborough? MEET DR DOUG

Visiting our Clinic

Your first visit to us is focused on learning about you, your symptoms, and determining your current health situation by gathering objective data and diagnostics, including thermographic scan, and digital x-ray if necessary. This comprehensive examination eliminates any guesswork, so that we can precisely identify any damage to your spine, and assess if we can accept your case.

Why Chiro

While our clinic follows a holistic approach to healthcare, at the heart of our services is comprehensive, professional chiropractic care. It’s the treatment of your body’s central nervous system through the spine. We seek to enhance your body’s ability to heal naturally by helping to re-establish the vital nerve network of your spine. It’s safe, proven and an often an alternative to surgery and medication. Transform your health today by booking your comprehensive examination today. Ask about our new patient special!

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