About PTBO Chiro: Dr. Doug

Doug Lukinuk, DC, BSc.
Dr. Doug is Peterborough’s Chiropractor.

Peterborough citizens have voted Dr. Doug “Peterborough’s Favourite Chiropractor” 10 times. As CEO of PTBO Chiro, he has built one of the largest family wellness practices in the world through his continuous dedication to educating people on the benefits of Core Chiropractic and Healthy Lifestyle Choices. He is renowned for wonderful community fundraising events. Events such as the Kids of Steel Triathlon, Kids Day International, Parks Rebuilding, and the one-of-a-kind Hoop Dreams Project where, together with the City of Peterborough, he raised $250,000 to build the state-of-the-art Simcoe/Bethune basketball courts for the kids of Peterborough.Dr. Doug continues to raise funds in support of our community such as through the workplace “lunch-and-learn” education program, where all examination fees are donated to local causes. He is known for his popular TV show, Maximized Living Peterborough, for presenting over 1000 life-transforming lectures, radio broadcasts, podcasts, and is certified to work with Olympic athletes. Dr. Doug has been passionately serving the Peterborough community for over 18 years. He has recently patented an invention that will help millions get well and stay well faster. Clients have called him “Peterborough’s Dr. Oz” and “Peterborough #1 Health Guru”.He has an unmatched passion and purpose for helping people achieve optimal health.
Matt Vidler, General Manager

Matt Vidler
General Manager
Matt Vidler is our General Manager at PTBO Chiro. After years of suffering with poor health and bad habits, Matt searched for a way to create health, happiness, and freedom in his life. This journey led him to discover the practice of yoga and qigong (pronounced chee-gong). Through consistent practice, he transformed his health: losing over 100 pounds, overcoming bipolar disorder and the use of medications and anti-depressants. Dr. Doug became interested in Matt’s story, and wanted him to share it to his patients at a seminar event. In due course, a yoga and qigong program was created at the clinic, and Matt’s prior sheet metal trade, business, and sales experience resulted in the transformation of the clinic into it’s current identity and mission: to create a place of healing that unlocks one’s potential to live a happy and purposeful life.
Julia Rose
Spa Therapist

Our Spa Therapist and Skin Care expert Julia Rose graduated from Seneca College’s Esthetic Diploma Program in 2008. She went on to work in Canada’s Top Spa in Grafton, ON: Ste Anne’s Spa. In 2015 she started her own company called Julia Rose Wellness. In 2016 she had the privilege of teaching the Esthetics Diploma Program at Oxford College. Julia is considered a master at her craft. She focuses on utilizing only all-natural ingredients & products in her treatments. Her most popular treatment is her Organic CBD Oil Massage. Julia enjoys helping to educate her clients on healthy, simple & natural skincare products and routines. Women everywhere love her sold-out “Skin Care 101” Workshops. If you are interested in experiencing pure bliss, then contact us today to make your appointment.or call her directly at 705 313 6016