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One of the challenges new clients tell us is that they’ve gone to seek Chiropractic Care only to be provided with an assessment one day, and then told to wait days or weeks for treatment. We understand that our clients are suffering from pain that is preventing them from maximizing their enjoyment of life. They need to begin their journey of healing immediately.

That’s why, at PTBO Chiro, we offer a Same Day Examination and Treatment option at our Peterborough clinic. We’ll schedule our services within your first visit, enabling you to make better use of your time. Of course, this ultimately depends on the outcome of your assessment to ensure Chiropractic Care is the right solution for your unique situation. Dr Doug Lukinuk or Dr.Peter Drysdale will review the findings and, if appropriate, provide an adjustment during this first visit. There is no further obligation for subsequent visits or services. However, with most Chiropractic Treatment programs, a series of visits enables Dr Doug to address the issues that are resulting in your chronic pain.

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