The Secret to Safe Snow Shoveling!

by Matt Vidler Winter. It happens every year. Whether you love it or hate it, we can all agree that unfortunately something usually comes with it: back injuries, or worse, a slip-and-fall. (You can read more about the preventing slips with the right winter footwear here.) Many people think they’ve simply strained or pulled their… Read More

How to Keep the Holidays Happy and Healthy

by Matt Vidler With the holidays fast approaching, this year make it a goal to deck the halls without sacrificing your health or your happiness. Today we’re presenting the best tips for you to be proactive about staying healthy and happy this holiday season. 1. Manage Your Stress with “Me Time” For many, the holidays… Read More

Do Chiropractic patients have 200{f559c53ce9937f849b2bf9619073343b2d9d63a447e1cd25865172a61afbbb6a} stronger immunity?

How to stay healthy during Cold & Flu Season by Matt Vidler Colds and flus cause considerable illness. A cold or flu negatively affects our social life and costs us a lot of money in medical bills and time off work. Every year the average adult catches a common cold 2-4 times and children experience… Read More

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