Our most popular event “Dinner with the Doctor” is an evening of inspiration and transformation for our patients, their families, and friends.

With our “attitude of gratitude” we highlight a recent patient success story, thanking them for entrusting their care to us with a special gift. Our mission is to unlock the human potential of our patients by delivering the most effective neuro-corrective chiropractic care.  That we may transform our community.

The dinner workshop invites friends and family to hear a message of hope and healing. Dr. Doug discusses what true health is, how to get it back, and how to keep healthy and vital for life. He engages with his guests using evidence-based science, practical advice, and humour.

Not only is this evening fun, informative, and transformational, we pay for your dinner at a local healthy restaurant! We encourage you to join us for future Dinner with the Doctor Workshops.