Qigong Yoga

Qigong and Yoga with Matt Vidler

Matt Vidler is our resident Fitness Specialist and certified Yoga and Qigong teacher. Like many of you, he was searching for health, happiness, and freedom in his life and he found it through movement.

“After years of suffering from bipolar disorder & obesity, I discovered the practice of yoga and qigong. With consistent and dedicated practice, I transformed my health, body, and life. My practice connects me with my unlimited health potential and purpose. I no longer take anti-depressants, I’ve lost over 100 pounds, and I stay healthy and fit with regular practice and exercise.”

The practice of Yoga can help anyone rediscover strength, flexibility, and the personal power to transform your health.

“I would love to help guide you into a practice that serves your journey.”

— Matt

Qigong Classes:

Suitable for people of all fitness levels, from extreme athlete to extreme couch potato! Learn to breathe, move, balance, and strengthen in a safe and judgment-free space. Your first class is free!


For those with more ambitious fitness goals, Matt’s yoga classes offer a more challenging practice that helps cultivate determination, physical strength, balance, flexibility, and range-of-motion. For those new to yoga we suggest a quick consultation with Matt before practice, or to start with Qigong practice.