Runner’s Knee and Chiropractic Treatment

Female runner knee injury and pain.

An aggravating and painful injury, runner’s knee is frequently sustained by runners and other athletes. However, chiropractic treatment may be a useful option for treating runner’s knee.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome, or runner’s knee, is a condition that develops when the patella (knee cap) does not track correctly in the femoral groove. Running or taking part in other physical activities may become challenging as a result of the pain and discomfort this can cause in the area in front of the knee.

Runner’s knee can be caused by a variety of things, such as muscle imbalances, overuse, and poor footwear. Chiropractic treatment focuses on the alignment of the spine, pelvis, and lower extremities in order to help with these problems.

A chiropractor can use a range of methods, such as spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and exercises to increase muscle strength and flexibility, to improve the alignment and functionality of these areas. These methods can aid in easing pain and swelling while also enhancing the knee’s general functionality.

A chiropractor can offer guidance on appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as suggestions for appropriate footwear, to help prevent runner’s knee from developing in the first place, in addition to these specific treatments.

Consider chiropractic care as a secure and reliable treatment option if you are a runner or other athlete with runner’s knee. You can resume your favourite activities pain-free with the assistance of a chiropractor, like Dr. Peter Drysdale, DC. A full examination, including digital xrays, determines the areas of misalignment in the spine and other problems in the body. A detailed report of findings explains exactly how this is causing runner’s knee, and other conditions.

Dr. Peter uses a handheld instrument in Torque Release Technique (TRT) to make small, precise adjustments to the spine. The adjustments made during TRT are intended to bring the nervous system back into balance and enable the body to heal itself. TRT is based on the idea that the body has a built-in natural healing intelligence.

TRT has been demonstrated to be successful in the treatment of other sports-related injuries, including runner’s knee. TRT can help to lessen pain and inflammation while enhancing overall function and performance by realigning the spine and pelvis. Dr. Peter has over 25 years of experience getting athletes significant recovery from acute and chronic injuries.

Runner’s knee and other sports-related injuries can benefit from the use of orthotics, or specially made insoles. The use of orthotics can help to correct any foot and lower extremity malalignments, which can lessen the strain on the knees and other joints. A scan of a runner’s gait or walking pattern is achieved with the use of highly technical equipment at our clinic. A full report of the feet while in motion allows our lab to develop custom orthotics to achieve better performance. Orthotics also help correct structural problems causing pain in the lower extremities.

Consider receiving chiropractic care that includes TRT and the use of orthotics if you are a runner or other athlete suffering from runner’s knee. Your chiropractor can assist you in achieving optimal alignment, lowering pain and inflammation, and enhancing your general performance in your favourite activities.

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