The Secret to Safe Snow Shoveling!

by Matt Vidler

Winter. It happens every year.

Whether you love it or hate it, we can all agree that unfortunately something usually comes with it: back injuries, or worse, a slip-and-fall. (You can read more about the preventing slips with the right winter footwear here.)

Many people think they’ve simply strained or pulled their muscles after shoveling. They may even try massage or physiotherapy, offering only temporary relief.

A Deeper Problem:

With back pain, there is often a deeper injury to the spine called vertebral subluxation. This damage to the spine explains why the injury occurred in the first place, and why it keeps recurring year after year.

What to do this Winter?

Here is Dr. Doug showing some simple snow shoveling tips and one MAJOR SECRET to keep you injury free this winter (watch to the end!):

If you’ve noticed that back pain and injuries keep happening, even during the warmer months, it’s likely  damage to your spine and you should get it checked.

Natural Pain Relief without the Side Effects

Chiropractic is clinically proven one of the most effective and natural treatments of pain relief for Musculo-Skeletal Pain.

However, it’s also reported that Chiropractic alleviates other long term and chronic conditions such as headaches, numbness, tingling, poor sleep, low energy, and many other recurring symptoms–but without the side effects caused by medications to treat the same conditions.

If you’ve been told that your symptoms can’t be explained, or worse, “they can’t be helped”, we are always happy to offer you a second opinion. Call us or click here to learn more.

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