The top 6 common myths about chiropractic treatment: Part Six

Folks in Peterborough continue to have questions about the role that chiropractors play in the healthcare team, and what benefit chiropractic care may have to their health.

While you can always book a no-obligation comprehensive evaluation with us to discuss your specific needs, today we’re busting some commonly shared chiropractic myths:

Myth #6: Adjustments are painful

In general, adjustments or joint manipulations do not hurt. In fact, many patients report immediate pain relief. Patients may be nervous about the ‘cracking’ or popping sound that may occur during an adjustment. The sound is believed to result from the release of gas bubbles from the joint – similar to cracking your knuckles!

Asking questions about your health and treatment options is very important. You are a partner in your care and your participation is critical to helping us provide the best care to meet your goal. If you have any questions beyond this blog about chiropractic treatment, please call us!

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