The Top 7 Questions About Chiropractic…#3

Does Chiropractic Hurt? 

Myth #3: Adjustments hurt.
Fact: Although adjustments are sometimes uncomfortable, they are not typically painful. 

Some people automatically assume chiropractic adjustments are painful because they are startled by the popping and cracking sounds that often occur—but these noises don’t signify pain. They are caused by air and gas moving through the fluid in your joints as your joints are manipulated and stretched out (sort of like when you crack your knuckles). The truth is, after an adjustment, immediate pain relief is quite common.

During the adjustment, some people do feel brief discomfort—but it is often described as a “feel-good” kind of pain. You also may feel a little bit sore after, as though you had a tough workout. But the intense relief and release you will feel after the adjustments is definitely worth it, as many patients attest. First-time patients are typically shocked by the rejuvenating sensation that follows a chiropractic adjustment.


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