The Top 7 Questions About Chiropractic

In this blog series, we’re answering some common questions about chiropractic.

Question #1: How Often Should You Go to the Chiropractor?

Is it true that after your first visit, you’re stuck going for life?

Fact: Every treatment plan varies, and ultimately, you decide how often you go.

Perhaps this chiropractic care myth was started because people often visit chiropractors for routine care. However, routine care—and overall care plans—differ for each patient. Finding the right frequency for prevention and maintenance is determined by you and your chiropractor, working together to create the best outcomes for your health and well being.

Depending on why you came to the chiropractor in the first place, your recommended duration of treatment will vary.

For example, if you are suffering from an injury–such as whiplash from a motor vehicle accident–you will receive a plan with a specific number of adjustments expected to bring you relief. Once you are healed, you may not need further treatment.


If your problem is chronic, like ongoing neck and back pain, your treatment plan may be lengthier. Your chiropractor may recommend you come on a regular basis with the goal of prevention after the treatment plan has elapsed. It all depends on your problem, your doctor, and of course, you. Ultimately, you determine how often you visit a chiropractor.

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